Saturday, February 24, 2007

Right, so my computer was out of commission for a while which translated into me knitting a great deal. I had three scarves going at once. This is the only one I've finished thus far, and really, the least exciting, I'm afraid. It's a pretty straightforward twin-rib (pattern in sidebar somewhere -- slightly modified: row 1: k4 p4; row 2: k1p1). The yarn is incredibly thick and a bit textured, which made the pattern look rather different than it has with other flatter yarns.

detail (ooOOooh!)

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

My New Sweater

This sweater is made with real wool that I inherited from my Nana. My daddy told me when he first saw it that it reminded him of his mum (my Nana) without me even telling him where I got the wool. That made me feel special because she's the one that taught me how to knit. This is me in the sweater:
The pattern I based it one is one of the free patterns from the Berroco website, here. I of course did not follow the pattern because I'm like that. I continued the collar up (k1p1) so that it would curl over like that (my mum blocked the collar for me because she's an angel), I used finer wool, and I made the sleeves longer and the body shorter to match my monkey arms and because I didn't want a woolly dress. I also overestimated my size (i.e. it's not form-fitting). Really the only thing that resembles the original is the raglan sleeve setting.
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