Sunday, January 15, 2006

scarf 1

What's this? Her umpteenth blog? Well, yes...I wanted to share my attempts at crafting with the world.

I'm making scarves for all the kind professors who wrote me reference letters for my Master's--this is the one I am working on currently for Professor Liu:

It's 31 stitches across on 5 1/2 mm needles, so it's quite wide. The edge is 30 rows of seed stitch**, alternating between silver and burgundy every two rows to give it this mottled effect:

The bulk of the scarf is a simple garter stitch (i.e., straight knit until your fingers fall off). I'd tell you the size of the wool, but I'm actually making it from yarn that I had left over from another project, so I don't know anymore.

**Seed Stitch: CO an odd number of stitches.
row 1: *k1 p1 last stitch: knit
Repeat ad nauseum


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