Wednesday, February 14, 2007

My New Sweater

This sweater is made with real wool that I inherited from my Nana. My daddy told me when he first saw it that it reminded him of his mum (my Nana) without me even telling him where I got the wool. That made me feel special because she's the one that taught me how to knit. This is me in the sweater:
The pattern I based it one is one of the free patterns from the Berroco website, here. I of course did not follow the pattern because I'm like that. I continued the collar up (k1p1) so that it would curl over like that (my mum blocked the collar for me because she's an angel), I used finer wool, and I made the sleeves longer and the body shorter to match my monkey arms and because I didn't want a woolly dress. I also overestimated my size (i.e. it's not form-fitting). Really the only thing that resembles the original is the raglan sleeve setting.


Blogger Kuka said...

its gorgeous - I love the colour and it looks super soft.
I think your nana would be proud of how her yarn has ended up!

6:42 AM  
Blogger The Venomous Bee said...

Aww... thanks. :o)

1:38 PM  

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