Thursday, March 02, 2006

so my sister can be john purtwee...

This is one of two ruffled cuffs I'm making for my sister--that's my wrist, so it looks a bit small on me, but Swambo's in bed and I didn't want to disturb her. This pattern is based on a Knitty Pattern with a few alterations. The top ruffle is the same as the "bottom bell edging" except instead of leaving it, I did row 10 14 times instead of twice. After that, I reversed the decrease (added two stitches in the same places one decreased) for two rows. Then, I cast off and turned it inside out. It works right side out, as well, but I like the look of the reversed side better. The ruffle flares a bit more.

I'm going to try the same pattern and a much bigger ruffle (twice the size) at a later date. These ones are nice under jackets, but they're not Doctor Who enough for Swambo yet, I don't think. I might also try to put patterns in the ruffles (eylet stitch, crocus bud, etc) so that they will look more lacy.


Blogger Brennan said...

I like it! It's so pretty! =D

12:40 PM  

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