Tuesday, February 21, 2006

more cuffy goodness

Both done now--imperfect, certainly: they're too big at the top and keep coming down as a result. (therefore: no pattern yet) I'm making a pattern with buttons on the side now for Rabies. Cufflets more than cuffs, really. I have high hopes for them. I'll post pattern and pics when they are successful


Blogger Brennan said...

Very cool! LOL. This is so funny because I was thinking, "You know, why don't I tell her to make knitted fingerless gloves?" And then I was like, "Come on, Brennan, between suggesting that and a beanie, which do you think are easier and cooler?" And so I was like, "Beanie!" (And I kinda just like saying the word 'Beanie.' Tee hee.) Anyways, that's hilarious. Well, to me it is. Har har. I like them.

6:59 AM  

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