Thursday, February 23, 2006

And ... When I say Doctor, Y'all say Who!

Here is my Tom Baker Doctor Who Scarf. I didn't follow the BBC official pattern, because though I love the Doctor, I had a bunch of scraps and ends, and I had some colours I wanted to use particularly. However, he had more than one scarf (look at the pics on the internet, they're a wide variety of colours), and I did research it (The stripes go wide, narrow, narrowest, narrow, wide, etc.), so I think it's entirely valid. One measurement I did find though, is that it's twice his height plus three feet. Now, he's 6'4" or some damn thing, and I'm not, so mine's twice my height plus a foot. But it's really a simple scarf, and I'm almost embarassed posting it. Almost. My love of the Doctor far outweighs my sadly lacking knitting skills for importance in my life.


Blogger Brennan said...

Very cool! Although, the scarf doesn't do anything for the doctor, I think. =/

9:04 PM  

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