Tuesday, February 28, 2006

I bring you . . .


Actually, my mum says it's a cloche. (that's a 1920s term for, um, beanie). My sister says that tough looking girls with facial piercings are always wearing these sorts of hats at the bus mall. I say fie! It's very warm without being very bulky, doesn't wreak much hat head, and is all around most exciting.

This is a pattern of my own invention--proving just how snazzy I am. It's a bit more complicated than many of the patterns on this site (those all being scarfs of one variety or another thus far) It uses the same diagonal eyelet stitch that I used in this scarf. The wool is Bernat Solo Nouveau ("the yarn that stands alone") in...reddish. The colour number is 57705, and it's a bulky yarn, so bear that in mind should you want to make it and are using a different wool. Hell if I know the gauge--but if you're like me, you'll be able to eyeball the size for yourself without too much difficulty. These measurements are based on my head, so bear in mind that I am partly of Scottish extraction, and consequently my head is of gargantuan proportion. Sigh...

Using size 6 (Cdn) double pointed needles, cast on 70 stitches. Transfer the stitches to four needles in equal numbers, and knit one row in the round.

Begin pattern:
round 1: *yo k2t; repeat from asterisk
round 2: knit
round 3 k1 *yo k2t repeat from asterisk, k1
round 4 knit

repeat these four rows 5 times, then finish off with row 1 and 2, for a total of 22 rows.

*k8 k2t, repeat until there are 30 stitches left
*k4 k2t, repeat until there are 9 stitches left.

Cut the yarn with a long tail, thread through the remaining 9 stitches with a tapestry needle, pull tight and secure on the inside.


Blogger Sarah the Hutt said...

Bohee beanie! heeeheee

10:01 PM  
Blogger Sarah the Hutt said...

I love that we went all Bohemian to hang out at the Truck Stop

10:02 PM  
Blogger MoodRing said...

To avoid hat-head the trick is to make sure your hair is DRY ALL OVER before you even pretend to put the cute beanie on. Seriously. ALL OVER. And that is Ten's helpful hair tip of the day. Cherrio and sexcars darlings!

10:04 PM  
Blogger schizophrenic naivety said...

and it's tres hot-tasic on you. Bravo m'dear bravo. We really need to get together for a SnB one of these days. And coffee. Coffee is important.

6:01 PM  

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