Monday, January 23, 2006

the least of my brothers

No pics today--when I get to a USB port with my camera, I'll post the finished scarf. I opted against tassles, however, Brennan. I apologize. It just didn't seem to need them. btw, I love how into my knitting you're getting.

My lovely aunt brought over a bunch of wool and yarn for my "clothe the naked" project. Swambo and I think that once we have a critical mass of matching scarf and mitten sets, we're going to give them to Catholic Family Services downtown--it's a non-profit NGO which helps families get on their feet, be they refugees or simply in need of some assistance. We figure they'll go to the right place, then.

Right now I'm working on a Twin Rib scarf for the project, taking a brief hiatus from the "thank you profs" project. My yarn is thick one-ply red wool. It's 100% wool, so it's a bit scratchy, but it's knit loosely so it's not too bad. I'm not used to one ply, so I had a couple incidents where I pulled the yarn apart, but I've mostly gotten it sorted out now. It's working really well--very chunky and bright. Pics soon, I promise!


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